About Us

We believe that all children need love
and support to grow and thrive.

What’s the challenge?

When a parent or caregiver realizes their child may have a disability or delay, figuring out what to do next can be daunting and confusing. Being introduced to dozens of words you may not recognize, standing before a complicated web of services that is difficult to navigate, parents and caregivers seek help and support to figure it out.

What’s the solution?

At Early Start Family Resource Centers across California, parents and caregivers can get connected to one-on-one assistance, coaching, mentoring, and other early start services so they can make sure their child has what they need to grow and thrive. The Family Resource Centers Network of California is the coalition that ensures staff at Early Start Family Resource Centers statewide are given opportunities to access cutting-edge professional development and enhanced connections with professionals in the field. These opportunities help Early Start Family Resource Center staff continue to provide high-quality assistance to parents and caregivers across the state.

Our vision:

When we work together, we are stronger. As a coalition, we train together, we set standards together, and we unite our voices together to advocate for better policies across the state.

Our Mission:

To support families of children with disabilities, special healthcare needs, and those at risk by ensuring the continuance, expansion, promotion and quality of family-centered, parent-directed, Family Resource Centers.

A statewide coalition of Early Start Family Resource Centers across California.

Executive Committee and Steering Committee

The dedicated members of our leadership committees provide organization, present pressing issues to the membership, and help to set the direction for the network. These members take the lead in sharing the perspectives of Early Start Family Resource Centers with the state, including collaborating with the Department of Developmental Services.

Yvette Baptiste, Chair

Linda Joy Landry, Vice Chair

Janice Hinton, Secretary/Membership

TBD, Legislative Liaison

TBD, Family Voices Liaison

Virginia M. Gantong, M.A., Executive Director, Exceptional Family Center/Early Start Family Resource Center

I have found FRCNA webinars very informative and have gained knowledge that I share with my staff and coworkers. Not only has the information from these Webinars helped me professionally but they have help me at home with my family. Every Webinar I have participate in I have taken away some new nugget of information that has made me be a more informed director.

Virginia M. Gantong, M.A., Executive Director, Exceptional Family Center/Early Start Family Resource Center