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Helping you find connections and support in your community

A partner on your journey who cares about your family

If you have a child (between birth to three) with a disability, Early Start Family Resource Centers are a great source of information and support. Located near you, these centers accompany you and your family as you navigate the disability system and services. Many also serve families of older children, youth and adults with disabilities, too.

What you can expect:

  • Family-driven support from staff who understand what you are going through
  • Most staff are parents of children with disabilities
  • Practical and emotional peer support
  • Helpful trainings, workshops and conferences
  • High-quality resources and information
  • Referrals to services for you or your child
  • Assistance with transition as your child turns three
  • Friendly, helpful and great at listening

What information and support can I get at an Early Start Family Resource Center?

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A partner on your journey

As parents of children with disabilities, staff understand what you're going through.


Resources to meet your needs

Trainings, referrals, and information to help you and your child.

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Peer-to-peer support

Helping you build confidence and giving you the support you need.

Ready to get in touch with a supportive Family Resource Center near you?

How does it work?

From diagnosis to services, here's how Early Start Family Resource Centers can support you and your child:

How can I get more information?

Check our map for a family resource center near you (and read below for more information on accessing support in your community).